Data Visualization Lab
Research area

Gaze tracking


In Eye-Gaze tracking research, we had study how to make eye-gaze tracker with an ordinary web-camera for row cost, or personalized Interface control system. It had means that basic of eye-gaze tracking technology and study of expansion possibilities in a variety of domains that could apply eye-gaze tracking technology. also, Making eye-gaze tracker is study for how to works eye-gaze tracker. These study could be help provide an environment for relations with gaze and human thinking. we plans to conduct research in various aspects of the study to begin.


Personalized Control System using Eye Tracking and SVM Classifier
Sangbong Yoo, Hanbyul Yeon, Seongmin Jeong, Jang Y
HCIK 2016, The HCI Society of Korea

Personal Interface Control using Eye-Gaze Tracking and Machine Learning
Sangbong Yoo, Hanbyul Yeon, Jang Y
HCIK 2015, The HCI Society of Korea

Gaze-tracking and its applications with an ordinary web-camer
Sangbong You, In-Ho Choi, Yong-Guk Kim, Jang Y
Korea Computer Congress 2014