Data Visualization Lab
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Predictive visual analytics


Predictive visual analytics system to provide predictive event patterns. We infer the future event evolution by combining contextually similar cases occurring in the past. We utilize social media data to detect interesting abnormal events and match the detected abnormal events within the past news media data in order to retrieve similar event patterns. Finally, we extract future event patterns through compositing contextual relationship among topics included in the similar past patterns.


Predictive Visual Analytics of Event Evolution for User-Created Context
Hanbyul Yeon, Seokyeon Kim, Jang Y
Journal of Visualization 2016

Visual Analytics using topic composition for predicting event flow
Hanbyul Yeon, Seokyeon Kim, Jang Y
KIISE Transations on Computing Practices 2015

Predictive Visual Analytics using Topic Composition
Hanbyul Yeon, Jang Y
VINCI '15 Proceedings of the 8th International Symposium on Visual Information Communication and Interaction 2015